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Best In Test in Swedish magazine ToppHälsa!

Do you have a problem with drooping shoulders? Do you pull up your shoulders towards your ears and experience pain in the upper back and neck? Then the Pakvis Posture Vest is for you! It stimulates your body to stretch, breathe deeper and use the right muscles to achieve optimal posture.

Main features
  • The most flexible posture vest on the market
  • Available in three sizes
  • Recommended by doctors and physiotherapists
  • Helps the body to regain a natural breathing and posture
  • Strengthens your back
  • Relieves back problems
  • Reduces numbness and tingling in hands and arms
  • May be worn over or under your clothes
  • Machine-washable
  • Use when sitting in front of computer
  • Also wear when walking or jogging

The Pakvis Posture Vest is an effective and very affordable harness that will give you a powerful and natural posture and improve your breathing technique. This vest is recommended by doctors for people with shoulder and neck problems, and for those who frequently suffer from back ache due to incorrect posture. The Posture Vest is so thin and flexible that you can wear it under your clothes and still remain very stable. It is washable and available in three sizes. Whether you are sitting in front of your computer or going for a brisk walk, the Posture Vest will help maintain your back in an upright position. Many people have back problems from an early age. Sitting incorrectly or for too long periods of time causes the muscles in the diaphragm to weaken, which can result in problems with drooping shoulders, weakened spine and unbalanced hips. The Posture Vest will help you find your way back to a natural posture in order to get you in good shape again. Wear the Pakvis Posture Vest every day to stimulate your body to find a better posture. Begin with 30 mins a day to avoid muscle soreness and increase the wearing time gradually as your body becomes stronger. Wear the vest in situations where it is feasible for you to maintain a correct posture, for example when walking, standing or sitting in front of the computer. Eventually you will find that your attitude will improve, both with and without the vest.
How Does The Pakvis Posture Vest work?

The Posture Vest encourages your body to stretch, activates the muscles of the diaphragm and makes your body stronger so you can find a better attitude naturally. When you have the right posture, the vest will only generate light support. But should you start to droop, the vest will tighten and remind you to stretch yourself. Thepurpose is not to replace the body's own function to stay upright, but to encourage the body to use the correct muscles.

The shoulder straps pull your shoulders back while gaining the support of the waist band. The back plate provides support and stability, allowing you to extend and activate the abdominal and back muscles to help your back stay upright. The vest also facilitates deep-breathing. This is important because breathing affects the whole body, and increased oxygenation will reduce back problems.

Use the straps to adjust the vest so that it fits you perfectly. It is comfortable and will not rub your skin. If you do not experience a good support, try pulling down the back plate slightly and attach the strap forward towards the waist rather than your chest.

Best in test

In a test of posture vests in the Swedish magazine ToppHälsa, the Pakvis Posture Vest came out as winner.

This is our absolute favorite! It offers great support and is stable and super-comfortable. It is also very easy to put on and adjust, ToppHälsa concluded.


Machine washable

The Pakvis Posture Vest is machine-washable for your convenience. Use the handwash program at 30 degrees.


Size guide

The vest comes in a unisex model and is available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large. To find out which size is right for you, wrap a tape measure around your upper body below the breasts. If you are a woman, your bra size will give you a hint.


Small: 65-80 cm
Medium: 80-102 cm
Large: 102-122 cm


If you are slim over the shoulders, you should opt for the smaller size, but if you are wider, choose the bigger one. This is because the width of the back plate of the vest varies with the size.


45-day money-back guarantee!

You have plenty of time to find out whether the vest is right for you. Try it at home for 45 days! If it is too big or too small, or if you simply do not like it, we will happily replace it or refund you!

Variants Price excluding Tax: Price including Tax:
Small (65-80 cm) 25+ in stock €28.00 €35.00
Item no.215-1
Medium (80-102 cm) 25+ in stock €28.00 €35.00
Item no.215-2
Large (102-122 cm) 25+ in stock €28.00 €35.00
Item no.215-3

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I never thought it would work so well!
02/01/2012 Angela
I ordered a Posture Vest and am very happy with it. I often sit in front of the computer and feel that I pull my shoulders up and forward. But with the vest I feel resistance so I am reminded to avoid pulling my shoulders forward.
Subject Posture Vest
06/01/2012 Irja Brataas
Some time ago I bought a Posture Vest from you and I am more than satisfied with the product. I use it almost daily when I sit with my embroidery or take a long walk. It is soft and smooth, so I never feel any discomfort in wearing it and I have actually recommended it to several of my friends. For tired backs it is a great addition to the Qi-gong which I also practice daily. Much better and cheaper than visiting a physiotherapist.
It helps me a lot on and even when it is of
01/10/2012 Katarina
I think it has helped my posture a lot, I can see a big difference between before and after. Before, I was sitting with my shoulders very low and far forward after too much time in front of the computer. Nowadays, I feel how my posture is supposed to be with and without the vest so I can adjust it consciously, today even more and more unconsciously. The vest is so easy to take with you on journeys, it is easily folded and does not take much space. It can be worn over and under your clothes and does not feel uncomfortable in any way.

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