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Give yourself professional massage with the Armaid! Mouse arm, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and stiff muscles can be treated with this tool. With great precision, you can target trigger points and relieve pain in arms, wrists and hands. Armaid comes with an instructional video that will help you find the best way to treat your pains.

Main features
  • Use Armaid preventively
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Use the softer balls for hands and ankles
  • Use the harder the balls for the arm
  • Adjust the pressure easily
  • Patented design

Armaid is a powerful tool for treating repetitive strain injuries and stiff arm muscles. Armaid helps you access trigger points with great precision, relieving pain in upper and lower arms, wrists and fingers. It is proven to relieve and prevent arm and hand problems. Highly recommended for treating carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow pain.

How to use
Armaid is a self-treatment tool. Fixate the base around your upper leg for support. Then just slide your arm in between the device’s arms and adjust oppositional pressure so that you achieve an effective treatment. Armaid has two interchangeable sets of balls – one set with hard, white balls for arm use, and another with grey, softer balls, suitable for wrists and hands.

Armaid stimulates blood flow and reduces tensions. It can also be used preventively, if you have a job that is putting a lot of strain on your arms. Armaid is light-weight and portable – it’s smaller than a tennis racket. Armaid is easy to use and adjustable to fit your needs. An instructional video is included with your order.

Armaid is a quality product made in the USA. It comes with a
10-year warranty.

The soft black foam roller is useful for increasing the circulation in soft and sensitive areas. It may also relieve lymphedema symptoms. The Orange roll is a solid ball made from hard material. It is mainly for athletes with big muscular arms. If you are into bodybuilding, climbing or weightlifting, this ball helps you target deeply embedded fibroids.
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