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Rest away your pain in just 10 minutes! The CranioCradle is the natural choice for back and neck pain. Developed and tested by a team of experienced therapists, CranioCradleis based on principlesin osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and massage therapy. This pillow allows you give yourself a professional treatment in the quiet comfort of your home. CranioCradle is proven to relief pain in neck and shoulders, headache, ADHD, whiplash and back pain.

Main features
  • CranioCradle eases and tense muscles and joints
  • CranioCradle helps you relax and improves sleep
  • CranioCradle gives your neck a relaxing support
  • CranioCradle has a positive impact on the central nerve system
  • CranioCradle provides relief for ADD and ADHD symptoms
  • CranioCradle reliefs whiplash pains
  • CranioCradle relaxes your face and jaw

Rest away your pain in just 10 minutes! The CranioCradle is the natural choice for headache and neck pain. It is so simple to use - just replace your regular pillow with CranioCradle when sleeping in your bed. It provides a resting position for your neck and back, while simultaneously stimulating nerves that makes you relax. CranioCradle stimulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which boosts the central nervous system and encourages your body to heal. It reliefs neck, shoulder and back pain, headache, ADD, ADHD, whiplash pain. It may also have positive effects on tense jaws and face muscles as well as sleep problems.CranioCradle was developed by Barb Richmond, who has 10 years' experience in craniosacral therapy. She wanted to give her patients a chance to treat themselves at home in between therapy sessions. She came up with CranioCradle. It has been tried andtested by experts - so simple to use and yet so efficient. You can use it both under your neck and your lumbar spincein different positions. There are clear advantages in using to CranioCradles simultaneously - please watch the instructional movies below! CranioCradle produces a soft pressure which helps relaxing tense muscles. CranioCradle is also useful for therapists. Itmayfunction as an extra pair of hands. For instance, you can put CradioCradle under your patient's neck while treating another part of his/her body, to soften the neck ahead of manual massage. 

How long do you have to lay on CranioCradle? Naturaly, this varies from person to person, but 3-5 minutes in each position is generally sufficient. Listen to your body and adjust treatment to maximise satisfaction. Falling asleep on CranioCradle is perfectly OK, as long as don't experience pain.


CranioCradle is made in the US from soy-based plastic foam which is 100% recyclable. It will resume its original shape when pressure is released and it is washable in hot water and soap.


When not to use CranioCradle

Don't use CranioCradle if you suffer from brain tumours, stroke, internal haemorrhaging, blood clots or inflammations. Also, those who have recently experienced head, face or spinal trauma should avoid using CranioCradle. If in doubt, consult a doctor.


What is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a method to gently treat all bones in the skull in relation to spine and pelvis, adjusting minor deviances which in turn benefits the whole body. This therapy relieves tensions in the fascial body layer and meninges by restoring the hydraulic pressure in the cerebrospinal fluid.

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